Things to Think About Before Buying a Coat - Nancy Pelosi in Max Mara

Embed from Getty Images

Nancy Pelosi made headlines this week for wearing her 6 year old red Max Mara coat after a meeting at the White House with President Trump. The Internets loved it so much, Max Mara is going to reissue the coat in the fiery orange-red as worn by Congresswoman Pelosi.

I like this coat, but think it was not the best choice for this occasion. While the funnel neck is cozy, it looks like it’s eating Pelosi’s neck. We would like it better on her if the collar was about a half inch shorter. This can be done by a talented dressmaker or tailor, who is experienced with double-faced wool and cashmere.

Also, the coat style invites snuggling and putting your hands in your pockets, hardly the image a congresswoman wants to project. By snuggling into the coat on a cold Washington morning, it appears as if she’s hiding something.

Congresswoman Pelosi is typically a great dresser, so I am a bit surprised that this is the item that caught everyone’s attention. Perhaps the cold weather makes everyone want to snuggle into a warm coat, and I would not blame them if they chose this coat for that reason. But for a power photo op outside the White House? Pass.


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