Jennifer Lopez Discussing Her Money Blind Spot

The New York Times recently gave Jennifer Lopez a glowing interview, partially to promote her new movie, but also to promote her personal brand of hard-working career woman.  We get it. She works A LOT.

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The article was long and seemingly endless, and the only part that was important to me was this:

“Here’s what Lopez, 49, has recently come to realize: that J. Lo — the artist, the brand, the astonishingly dewy face and buffed physique — is even more valuable than the entertainment industry has given her credit for. Which is not to say she is after a bigger paycheck, exactly — although as the chorus of her recent single with Cardi B and DJ Khaled goes, ‘Yo quiero dinero.’ But like a lot of people in her world who have experienced Hollywood inequity, what she is demanding, vocally all of a sudden, is her fair share. ‘I want what I deserve,’ she said.”  

The one paragraph says it all.  Actually, Jennifer’s statement, “I want what I deserve,” is really all I needed to know.

“I want what I deserve” is a statement of entitlement.  It depends on others to give you something. It puts the responsibility in another’s hands.  It takes away from your power.

What would have been a more accurate statement is, “I was seduced by millions, and I failed to see the billions.”  Now THAT is a powerful statement, and a good lesson others can learn from.

When have you been so focused on what you thought others were willing to give you, that you missed out on having what you really want?

Don’t feel bad.  It’s not uncommon to go through this.

Here are some resources that have helped me (and my IRL friends):

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