A Lesson in Mastery, Playfulness, and Sweetness - TwoSet Violin + Hilary Hahn

Ever since my voice teacher introduced me to TwoSet Violin’s Youtube videos, I’ve been hooked. I try to keep up with the new videos, and I have been catching up on the videos from past years. I even attended a concert on their second world tour. If you haven’t heard of them, the duo comprised of violinists Eddy Chen and Brett Yang are professional musicians. They are young. And they have fun making silly videos that manage to teach you about classical music, violin, and internet culture.

In this video, they sit down to a casual meal (takeout in a music practice room!) with the violin virtuoso and former child prodigy, Hilary Hahn. For those not very familiar with Hilary (including me), it’s immediately clear that she’s super talented, super sweet, and very self-aware. TwoSet and Hilary talk about mastery and life as a touring musician, while demonstrating playfulness and sweetness - qualities I adore in people. One of the things I love about this video is how much fun they have despite their age difference. Hilary is 39 with two kids and TwoSet are 25 and 26, and it seems like they can talk about anything. This is a video that music nerds and anyone who wants to be good at anything can appreciate.

It’s a long video, at 90 minutes, but I could not stop watching. I hope this is one of the many things that brings you joy this holiday season.